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Saturday 3 August 2019
Bidache, France

The big day

Three simple steps to happily ever after


Tie the knot

Bidache City Hall
25 Rue des Jardins
64520 Bidache


Eat + Drink

from 17:00
Maison Sarritte

650 Chemin de Sarritte
64520 Bidache



until dawn!

How to survive a Basque wedding garden party

Expect temperatures to climb over 30C, dress for the outdoors, and keep an eye out for the occasional summer storm...

Cyrielle recommends...

Light summer dress
Flats, sandals or espadrilles

Leave them at home

High heels
Designer shoes
Formal dresses
Three-piece suits


Lutz recommends...

No tie
Shorts welcome!

Don't forget

Something warmer for the evening

Getting there

Note: the Pays Basque is a popular holiday spot... we recommend making travel arrangements early!

By plane

Closest airports are Biarritz Pays Basque (40min drive to Bidache) and San Sebastian (1h drive). Toulouse (2h30 drive) and Bordeaux (2h drive) are further away but have more frequent international flights.

By train

High-speed trains run every day from Paris Gare Montparnasse to Bayonne in approximately four hours. From there, it's a 40min drive to Bidache.


Bidache is a very small town! There is a large parking next to city hall. You will be able to park along Chemin de Sarritte for the wedding reception. Alternatively, you can leave your car next to city hall and walk from there to the wedding reception (15-20min walk uphill).

Where to stay

Holiday rentals

If you're planning to stay a little longer, there are many options for week-long rentals. Go inland for some quiet time or hit the coast for beaches and festive evenings.
Have a look here.


Adventurers can set up camp in the large field adjacent to Cyrielle's family home (10min walk to city hall and wedding location). Just let us know if you're interested!

Guest houses & hotels

For shorter stays, aim for a guest house or hotel in the vicinity of Bidache. 
Have a look here.

Around Bidache

The Pays Basque is one of the (some would say the) most beautiful French regions. If you can spare the time, here are some ideas...

The coast

Great beaches can be found all along the coast. Check out La Madrague (Anglet) for surfing,  St Jean de Luz bay for a quiet swim or the fancy Biarritz seaside for celebrity-watching.
More info here!

The mountains

Venture in the Pyrenees for some views on  rolling green hills and wild encounters with pottoks (aka Basque poneys). La Rhune is the most famous hike but there's plenty more.
More info here!

The towns

Bayonne old town is a must-see! For some typical Basque villages, embark on a mini road trip to La Bastide-Clairence, Espelette, Itxassou, Ainhoa, or Sare... 
More info here!

Final thoughts...

Your presence is what matters most to us.
As we will be moving to the US in September 2019, we'd rather accumulate memories with you than gifts!
If you do want to mark the day, here are two possible options.

Contribute to our honeymoon fund

We haven't selected our destination yet, but with the Americas soon at our fingertips, we can't wait to go and explore! Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru are all in play...
We will have a donation box on 3 August.

Make a donation in our name

MSF is a fantastic organisation doing incredible work on the ground, often in very difficult situations. We would be delighted if you supported their work on our behalf.
You can donate here.


Our Contacts


Cyrielle +44 7761 369 157
Lutz +44 7934 543 798